Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Informed consent and evidence for GDPR -- BBC website

Really liked the way the BBC combines Informed consent and usability. The registration form is the source of a personal data for this particular process for them. Rather than link in the small print, buried in the bottom of the page, they give hints on the fields themselves and link to a Policy. Tooltips are available that can be collapsed or expanded as needed.

Also notice the two buttons about joining the newsletter: no default or pre-ticked boxes. An affirmative action has to be made, either way.

This technique has a further advantage as I see. When the user submits the information, the backend server can take a snapshot of all the data, including the

Note that the tooltips, in themselves, may not completely address all requirements. As a user, I still have to click on the links to understand what they are doing with my personal data.

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